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It's Election Time...

For Rocket City SGMP  
                 ...just when you thought it was save to walk out of the voting booth.

Like most things this year SGMP has made adjustments to accommodate the needs of our members.  One adjustment was to change our usual June elections to November.  And now we are here!!

The Nomination and Elections committee has prepared a list of qualified candidates for your consideration.  Please review their background information on the Rocket City SGMP website. 

President                 Kathleen O'Dell
1st Vice President    Vacant
2nd Vice President   Jennifer Middleton
Secretary                Vacant
Treasurer                Thomas Sledge
Planner Director      Nikki Payne
Supplier Director     Tim Aylsworth
Supplier Director     Erica Bradford

Here are some important dates:

Campaigning will run through November 16, so please take a look at whatever they may send your way.

Voting begins Tuesday, November 17 and will close at 4 pm Central time on Monday, November 23, 2020.  This will be done electronically via SurveyMonkey which will be emailed to you from National SGMP headquarters.  

Chapter members will be notified of the results on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 after verification by SGMP headquarters. 

Many thanks to the Nominations & Elections Committee, Marie Arighi, Bennie Jacks and Pat Burch.


Pat Burch, CHDT                                                                         
Managing Director

The Burch Group
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