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Requirements and Qualifications

Government Meeting Specialist (GMS) is an in-depth certificate program offered by participating SGMP chapters. Over the course of three years of membership with SGMP, members will earn the certificate through attendance in core competency based training and gain the general skillset necessary to perform their duties as a government meeting professional.
In order to qualify for GMS, members must apply to enroll in the program with their respective chapter and maintain records of their attendance and the core competency the program covered. Over the course of three years, the member must meet the minimum criteria of program attendance and categorization in order to earn the certificate.
Any current SGMP member of a participating chapter can apply for this program, and must maintain their membership throughout the program in order to attend the programs and earn the certificate. The enrollment period is ongoing and can be completed in accordance with the participating chapter's policies. Please check with your chapter for their GMS participation status.
Each GMS certificate is valid for a period of five years from the date the certificate is originally earned. In order to retain the value of the certificate, you will need to participate in a minimum of twenty contact hours within that period, or reapply to earn the certificate through the normal three year process.  The cost is only $25. 

If you have received your Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP) designation, this program can be used to continue to build your knowledge and be used for recertification.

For more information contact GMS Program Chair, Marie Arighi at [email protected] or at 256-551-2379.  

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