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Please refer to the "How To Join" areas on the SGMP website for more information on the types of memberships:

How to Join (Planner)

How to Join (Supplier)

How to Join (Others)

If a paper application is needed, contact [email protected] and one will be sent to you. Chapter representatives may accept an application on your behalf at chapter events and will forward it to SGMP headquarters within 15 days. If you cannot pay online, checks are also accepted. Please do not email your credit card information.

If you are not sure which membership category you are in, please refer to our membership category definitions.

Complete the printed application, and MAIL your ORIGINAL SIGNED AND DATED application, along with your membership fee payable to SGMP, to our headquarters address below. There is a $40.00 returned check fee.

SGMP Membership Office
908 King Street, Lower Level
Alexandria, VA 22314

Supplier and Associate Supplier Application Requirements*

[All references below to a "supplier" refers to our Supplier and/or Associate Supplier membership categories. All references below to a "planner" refers to our Government Planner and/or Contract Planner membership categories.]

SGMP policy mandates that a supplier applicant cannot join SGMP without a planner match application. The membership application package for a supplier applicant consists of: the supplier application, the supplier dues payment, the planner application, and the planner dues payment. The supplier membership application package MUST be received at SGMP headquarters 1) submitted together, or 2) submitted separately, but with each piece including a specific reference to one another.

SGMP policy states that it is the SOLE responsibility of the supplier applicant to ensure that their membership application package is received at SGMP headquarters per the rules listed below. The responsibility of ensuring that a thorough and accurate and timely supplier membership application package is received at SGMP headquarters does NOT rest with the planner match applicant, the intended chapter of the applicants, or SGMP headquarters.

When a supplier application and payment is not received at SGMP headquarters by the end of the calendar month in which the intended planner match application and payment is received at SGMP headquarters, the planner applicant is accepted on its own and the supplier applicant must then find and join with a different planner match applicant during a subsequent month.

EACH of the following requirements MUST be met by the supplier applicant (failure to adhere to ALL of these requirements will result in the immediate return of the membership material(s), upon receipt at SGMP headquarters):

-The required planner match application(s) MUST be submitted ALONG WITH the supplier application.

-The payment for each membership MUST be included with each application (a corporate check that does NOT include either an application or a specific reference to the individual applicant's name will be returned immediately).

-The "Name of Planner Match" field on a supplier application MUST include the name of its planner match applicant(s).

-A supplier application must note the SAME chapter as its planner match(es) application(s).

-A supplier application must be RECEIVED during the SAME calendar month as its planner match(es) application(s) is RECEIVED (each month ends at 5pm Eastern time on the final day of the month).

NOTE: Supplier applicants for the Arizona, Crossroads of America, Rocky Mountain, and Pacific Northwest chapters currently must submit two planner matches in the same month in order to join SGMP.

Supplier and Associate Supplier Applicants' Tips

SGMP recommends three sources for supplier applicants to research in finding an eligible planner match. First, SGMP recommends soliciting government professionals involved in meetings previously who have used the location or services you represent. Second, SGMP recommends attending one local chapter meeting to network with potential planner visitors. Third, SGMP recommends contacting the membership chair of the chapter you wish to join to see if they have any knowledge of planners intending to join in that month.

SGMP recommends attending a meeting along with your prospect to show them the value and benefits the organization has to offer, and for the government professional to have the opportunity to meet their peers.

SGMP accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or check for all membership payments. Please DO NOT email or fax credit card information. SGMP takes your personal information safety seriously and these methods are not secure or encrypted.

Questions about membership?
E-mail SGMP [email protected]